NBA Fan Behavior: The Effects of Personality on NBA Fandom and Stickiness in Purchasing Related Products

Yu-Tai Wu
Yu-Feng Wu
Chih-Fu Cheng
and Mei-Yen Chen

Understanding sport fans is an important key to initiating and sustaining behavior, which is a central topic in psychology and marketing. Th ere is multidimensional experience in sport fans, giving a mixture of consistently altering and overlapping thoughts, feelings, and behavior. Th us, the purpose of the research was to understand the correlation of neuroticism, extraversion personality, sport fandom, impulsive buying behavior, and stickiness. In the study, 280 valid questionnaires were obtained online from fans in an NBA group in Taiwan using structural equation modeling with confi rmatory factor analysis. The results implied that people who have less neuroticism and higher extraversion are more likely to attend events and have higher acceptance of brands and products. Fandom increased stickiness for brands when individuals develop positive attitudes and an overall attachment to the products and services. Therefore, sport organizations should take advantage of these opportunities to market their products and brands at events.