A Run for Their Money: Examining Changes in Runners’ Event-Related Expenditures

Colin Lopez
Koo Yul Kim
Joris Drayer
and Jeremy Scott Jordan

This study examines spending changes between the first and second year of participation in a mass participation sport event. Previous research has been inconclusive about anticipated spending changes from year one to year two, which may be attributed to the prominence of cross-sectional research designs. This study utilized a within-person, year-to-year design with a seven-year sample from a US running event (n = 247) to track spending from participants. Using a within-subject ANCOVA, expenditures across eight categories were analyzed as individuals progressed from first-time to repeat participant. Results show no significant differences across any of the spending categories. From the same time frame, a sample of one-off participants was generated (n = 6,257) to compare with the repeat participants, and significant differences emerged. These findings provide event organizers and community officials with information regarding the spending behavior of customers in their first and second years, allowing for a more tailored marketing approach.

DOI: http://doi.org/10.32731/SMQ.303.0921.04