Sport Marketing in Asia: Exploring Trends and Issues in the 21st Century

Masayuki Yoshida

The scarcity of academic research on sport marketing in the Asian context calls for a conceptual extension that can serve as a stimulus and foundation for future research. In this paper, we develop five research propositions for sport consumer decision-making in a cross-cultural context. Identifying important moderating variables based on the literature on cultural dimensions (individualism-collectivism and uncertainty avoidance) and ideological orientations (nationalism and globalism), we attempt to explain why and under what conditions consumer satisfaction and team identification are (1) more impacted by consumer motives, service quality, and points of attachment and (2) more effective in increasing three types of consumer outcomes: transactional consumer outcomes, non-transactional consumer outcomes, and sponsorship outcomes. Directions for future research are discussed in terms of the utility of the derived propositions in cross-country research.