Technology Innovations and Consumption of Formula 1 as a TV Sport Product

Christopher Schneiders and Claudio Rocha

Drawing upon the technology acceptance model, the aim of this study was to describe the effects of technology innovations in Formula 1 (F1) on fans’ satisfaction and commitment to consumption of F1 as a TV product, controlling for identification with F1 and specific teams and drivers. We surveyed F1 fans (N = 449) contacted via web-based forums. Results of a structural equation modeling showed that positive perceptions of technology innovation lead to satisfaction with F1 as a TV product, which in turn leads to commitment to consumption. Highly identified fans are committed to consuming the sport on TV, but they do not necessarily accept F1 new technologies. Technology changes that increase predictability and competitive unbalance are not well received and may lead to less consumption of F1 on TV. F1 managers need to make careful analysis before introducing new technology, which might decrease the TV audience for F1 races.