Ticket Sales Outsourcing Performance Measures Using Balanced Scorecard and Analytic Hierarchy Process Combined Model

Seungbum Lee
Eric Brownlee
Yongjae Kim
and Soonhwan Lee

Outsourcing ticket sales operations to the service provider is becoming popular in intercollegiate sport in the US. While much has been reported about ticket sales outsourcing, there is a major lack of understanding in the literature as to how the service provider’s performance is measured by the athletic department. To fill important gaps in the sport marketing literature, this study employed the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) and Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) combined model using one NCAA Division I athletic department to understand performance measure metrics. The result of the AHP showed that Financial (WF = 0.487) is the most important performance measure within the domain level, followed by Customer (WC = 0.343), Business Process (WB = 0.091), and Learning & Growth (WL = 0.078). Global weights indicated that Cost-Saving (WFC = 0.223) is the most important factor, which implies that cost-driven outsourcing is a primary motivation for ticket sales outsourcing. Theoretical and practical implications of the analyses are also provided.