Unassisted Goal: U.S. Soccer Does Not Need Approval to Use Player Likenesses in Group Ad

Mark Dodds

Advertising campaigns featuring player likenesses are a common sport sponsorship activation tactic. The ability of the sponsor to connect with the sports fan and cultivate a relationship is critically important (Dees, 2011). The relevancy of the sports personality and the “fit” with the brand (DeGaris, Dodds, & Reese, 2015) can positively influence consumer behavior toward the sponsor’s products (Tzoumaka, Tsiotsou, & Siomkos, 2016) and increase future purchase intentions (Biscara, Correia, Rosado, Ross, & Maroco, 2013).

Contracts may constrain the benefits that a sport property can offer its sponsorship partners, especially with team sports that are often governed by collective bargaining agreements and uniform player’s agreements (CBA/UPA). A collective bargaining agreement is the contract that a group of employees negotiates with the employer regarding working conditions (Miller & Schoepfer, 2017). The uniform player’s agreement is the standard playing contract between the individual players and his/her team.