Assessing Brand Associations for Intercollegiate Ice Hockey, pp. 106-114

Stephen D. Ross
Hyejin Bang
Seungbum Lee

The present study uses a rigorous procedure to examine the applicability, validity, and reliability of the Team Brand Association Scale (TBAS) in the context of intercollegiate ice hockey. Results from a sample of 349 season ticket holders from an intercollegiate ice hockey team indicated that the TBAS instrument was indeed valid in the collegiate sport setting. Given the functionality of the TBAS in the area of intercollegiate sport, university athletic marketers should be actively assessing the associations pertaining to specific teams. Furthermore, through an understanding of team brand associations comes the ability to examine the impact of image on important revenue streams needed to offset shrinking operational budgets. Suggestions for future research include the continued purification and validation of the instrument, as well as replications among other samples.