A Bibliometric Analysis of Sport Economics Research, pp. 222-244

José Manuel Sánchez Santos
Pablo Castellanos García

In this paper, we carry out a bibliometric study of sports economics research indexed in the Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI) database from 1956 to 2009. Quantitative evidence provided by some standard bibliometric indicators supports the idea that sports economics can be considered as a successful and fast-growing area. The statistical analysis of publications’ counts allows us to identify the authors, journals, and countries that have contributed in a decisive way to the progress of sports economics research. Furthermore, most recent authorship and citation concentration trends also reveal an advanced process of consolidation of this research field. In addition to journals specializing in sports—which, mainly in recent years, have become significant channels for publishing sports economics research—articles published in general journals maintain a significant relative weight within the total output. This reveals that the interest of research on sports economics goes beyond this specific field.