Consumer Satisfaction with an Action Sports Event, pp. 199-208

Yosuke Tsuji
Gregg Bennett
James Zhang

The purpose of this study was to examine the relationships of service quality, satisfaction, and future intentions of attendees at a large-scale action sports event. More specifically, effects of core service quality and peripheral service quality on satisfaction and future intention were examined in an action sports event setting. Structural equation modeling was utilized to investigate the effects of the two service components on satisfaction and future intentions. Respondents (N = 2,297) were satisfied with the event and reported positive responses toward services provided by event managers. Similarly, respondents reported that they were likely to return to the event in the future. Findings suggest core service quality and peripheral service quality to be significant predictors of satisfaction. Additionally, peripheral service quality and satisfaction were found to be significantly related to future intentions. However, core service quality was not significantly related to future intention; yet, it had an indirect influence on future intentions.