Consumer Satisfaction with a Periodic Reoccurring Sport Event and the Moderating Effect of Motivations, pp. 70-81

Laura Martínez Caro
Jose Antonio Martínez García

This research has focused on the evaluation of the consumer satisfaction process in a sport event. A popular athletic cross urban race, periodically organized by a City Council, has served as the framework for the study of cognitive and affective elements that drives satisfaction judgment and the moderator effect of sport motivations. A causal model is tested and the results show that satisfaction is primarily driven by an affective factor (arousal), and the effect of pleasure is not significant. The cognitive element is also important for determining satisfaction and future behavior intentions, and all of the antecedents are independent in the satisfaction process. Sport motivations have a moderating effect on the relationship between disconfirmation and satisfaction. In addition, satisfaction is an emotional evaluation for the highly motivated individuals. Implications for both practical and theoretical research are discussed.