Consumers from Emerging Markets: Perceptions and Attitudes Toward Global Sporting Brands, pp. 19-31

Chiyoung Kim
Bob Heere

While consumers within emerging markets are the largest growth market for global sport apparel brands, relatively little is known about how they perceive these brands. These emerging markets have recently become consumer markets for Western brands, yet they initially served as producing nations. This study examined how this transition affected consumer perceptions on global sport apparel brands. Consumer behavior theories, such as the brand as “Western status symbol,” ethnocentrism, the country of origin effect, and the country of manufacturing effect were all incorporated within this exploration. Fifteen interviews were held with young adult consumers from both India and China. In contrast to previous studies, we suggest that these respondents view Western sport apparel brands favorably because they are seen as an instrument to express a global citizenship. Additionally, the international labor practices did not seem to directly harm the global brands, but they did diminish some of the utilitarian advantages the Western brands possessed.