Determining Costs and Forecasting Profits for a Multilogoed Collegiate Memorabilia Poster: A Profitability Study in New Product Development

Mary Elizabeth Mazzeo
Jacquelyn Cuneen
Cathryn L. Claussen

This study constitutes a profitability analysis (in abridged form) for an original collegiate memorabilia product (viz., collegiate bowl game poster). Analyses addressed business environmental conditions to determine whether or not it was possible to make a profit by creating, producing, and marketing six individually targeted posters that contained the logos of several different collegiate institutions and three bowl games. This study shows the process of market, (a brief summary of) technical, and (summary) financial analyses commonly used to evaluate market and production conditions and financial projections. (NOTE: This study was exploratory /educational in nature. Procedures for actual production, distribution, and sales were investigated but not completed.)