Developing a Pricing Strategy for the Los Angeles Dodgers, p. 256-264

Denise Linda Parris
Joris Drayer
Stephen L. Shapiro

Blame it on the weather? Or the economy? Even if these factors play a role in game day attendance, Larry knew there was a much bigger story behind the empty seats at Dodger Stadium. In 2011, the Los Angeles Dodgers averaged 36,236 fans per game, dropping from 43,979 in 2010 and 46,440 in 2009, an overall loss of about 10,000 fans per game in just two years (, 2012). In 2011, The Dodgers’ attendance ranking fell from first to eleventh in Major League Baseball (MLB), which amounted to a loss of over 800,000 tickets sold per year, as well as the resulting revenue from concessions and parking. These numbers, in addition to being surpassed by the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim in attendance for the first time in history, put Larry in quite a predicament. As Marketing Director of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Larry wondered how he could bring fans back to the ball park.