An Examination of the Psychological and Consumptive Behaviors of Sport Video Gamers, pp. 44-53

Yongjae Kim
Patrick Walsh
Stephen D. Ross

Despite the growing popularity of sport video games (SVGs), particularly as it relates to their growth as a marketing tool, there has been relatively little research on the psychology and behavior of the sport video gamer. The current study examined the psychological and consumptive behavior of sport video gamers across different levels of game play. Data from 239 gamers was collected from four popular online video game sites. This study provides evidence that sport video gamers are sport fans that engage in a variety of sport consumptive behaviors. The findings also suggest that sport video gamers seek a unique outlet for needs that might not be fulfilled in a real life sporting context, and that heavy gamers are typically highly identified sport fans who engage in more sport consumptive behavior than the light gamer who has less connection with the team. The findings of the study provide researchers and marketers with important implications and benchmark data for future research to explore the psychology of sport consumers in a virtual environment and the potential of videogames as a marketing and communication tool.