Exploring the Antecedents and Consequences of Personalizing Sport Video Game Experiences, p. 217-225

Dae Hee Kwak
Galen E. Clavio
Andrea N. Eagleman
Ki Tak Kim

Despite the strong appeal of personalization (through creating personalized players, teams, and leagues) in sport video games (SVGs), little is known about its marketing implications. This study explores the effect of personalization on SVG gaming enjoyment, repurchase intention, and consumption level. Further, the predictive functions of perceived skill and past experience on participants’ intention to personalize their SVG experience were examined. Current users (N = 459) of a sport video game, “FIFA 06 Live”, participated in the study and the results revealed that users who utilize personalization options reported they enjoy the game more, are more satisfied with the product, and spend more time playing the game than users who do not use personalization options. In addition, past experience and perceived gaming skill played significant roles in predicting individuals’ intention to utilize personalization options.