Food and Non-Alcoholic Beverage Sponsorship of Sporting Events: The Link to the Obesity Issue, pp. 69-80

Karen E. Danylchuk
Eric MacIntosh

This study’s primary purpose was to examine the opinions of consumers toward the appropriateness of food and non-alcoholic beverage sponsorships of sporting events in relation to other products. Research of this nature is particularly timely in light of the current obesity issue because many food and beverage products contribute to the obesity problem. Phase one involved a written survey (N = 253) whereas phase two involved two focus groups (N = 12). Attitudes toward food and non-alcoholic beverage sponsorships of sporting events were more favorable than alcohol sponsorships, followed by tobacco sponsorships. However, there were differences according to demographics. Overall, sporting goods companies and sport drink and water companies were considered the most appropriate sponsors. Tobacco was the least appropriate sponsor followed by liquor and fast food. The majority of participants were not in favor of government laws to prevent less healthy food and beverage companies from sponsoring sporting events.