Gambling and Fantasy: An Examination of the Influence of Money on Fan Attitudes and Behaviors, pp. 159-169

Joseph E. Mahan III
Joris Drayer
Emily Sparvero

The sports gambling industry represents a multi-billion dollar enterprise composed of a variety of activities, the composition of which is under constant debate. Among the topics of importance is the effect of sports gambling (both legal and illegal) on the attitudes and behaviors of sport fans. In particular, investigation into the nature and extent of involvement in activities such as betting on sport events and fantasy sport participation—along with any resultant effects on attitudes and more ‘traditional’ forms of sport fan behavior— could be of interest to sport marketing scholars and practitioners alike. To that end, the current study used an online questionnaire to survey self-identified sports fans on participation in fantasy sports, sports betting, as well as spending habits related to sports. Results suggested that fantasy sports and sports betting appear to serve as complementary investments by fans. The implications for both scholars and practitioners are also discussed.