Media Preferences of Action Sports Consumers: Differences between Generation X and Y

Gregg Bennett
Michael Sagas
Windy Dees

The purpose of this study was to assess the media preferences and consumption behaviors of attendees at an action sports event, with a specific focus on comparing members of Generation Y (Gen-Y) to Generation X (Gen-X). Research participants were event attendees at the Gravity Games (N = 2108). A series of chi square analyses indicated some differences between the generations. In general, Gen-Y participants, when compared to Gen-X, watch more television, were more likely to (a) watch action sports (i.e., Gravity Games & X Games) on television, (b) play video games more often, and were less likely to watch traditional sports like the NFL and NBA on television. Clearly, Gen-Y action sports consumers use and prefer media differently than their Gen-X counterparts. Marketing implications and future research directions are discussed.