The Ongoing Fight for the Fighting Sioux, pp. 115-118

Haylee Uecker Mercado
John Grady

Of the numerous civil rights and social justice issues prevalent within the discourse of the United State , use of Native American mascots and imagery by college and professional athletic teams continues to be a divisive issue within and beyond sport. There are many historical, legal, political, economic, and sociological factors that have been used to explain the origins of Native American team monikers and why they have prevailed over time. There are strong views both in favor of retaining and eliminating this practice, and continued use of team names, mascots, and imagery remains a topic of much debate. Sport management scholars, in particular, have debated the legal options available to schools facing controversy over continued use of Native American team names, mascots, and imagery (Claussen, 1996; Moushegian, 2006; Staurowsky, 2007).