Participants’ Service Quality Perceptions of Fantasy Sports Websites: The Relationship Between Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction, Attitude, and Actual Usage, p. 78-87

Young Ik Suh
Paul M. Pedersen

The purpose of this study was to examine participants’ perceptions of the service quality of fantasy sports websites and to understand the relationship between service quality, satisfaction, attitude, and actual usage associated with the websites. Furthermore, this study compared the proposed service-quality model with a rival model to examine the role of satisfaction and attitude as mediating variables. The proposed service quality measure consisted of four perceived service quality dimensions (i.e., ease of use, trust, content, and appearance). A convenience sample of 279 participants was collected from message board users of four fantasy sports websites (i.e., Fantasy Games, Yahoo! Fantasy Sports, FOX Fantasy Sports, and NFL Events: Fantasy Sports). Structural analysis revealed that satisfaction and attitude acted as mediating variables connecting service quality and actual usage of fantasy sports websites. These results are discussed and the study’s theoretical and practical sport marketing implications are detailed.