Perceived Corporate Social Responsibility and Donor Behavior in College Athletics: The Mediating Effects of Trust and Commitment, pp. 73-85

Yong Jae Ko
Yong Chae Rhee
Yu Kyoum Kim
Taeho Kim

The purpose of this study was to advance our understanding of the role of perceived corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the donor decision making process in college athletics. A research model was developed to examine theoretical relationships among perceived CSR, trust, commitment and donation intention. The proposed research model was tested using 644 donors from a college booster club in the US through simultaneous equations. It was concluded from the results that donors’ perceptions about CSR activities significantly influenced trust and commitment toward the organization. Trust and commitment played a mediating role in explaining the relationship between CSR perception and donor behavior. This study not only makes a theoretical contribution to CSR literature by providing an expanded view of CSR and its impact on donor behavior, but also offers meaningful implications to managers.