The Relationship Between Spectator Motivations and Media and Merchandise Consumption at a Professional Mixed Martial Arts Event, pp. 199-209

Damon P. S. Andrew
Seungmo Kim
Nick O’Neal
T. Christopher Greenwell
Jeffrey D. James

The purpose of this paper is to explore how nine motives impact media and merchandise consumption among consumers of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). The present study extends previous research by examining the relationship between motivations and merchandise and media consumption among consumers at a large, professional MMA event. A one-way MANOVA was computed to test for gender differences in relation to attendance motivations in the present sample. After significant differences among spectator motives were identified, two separate backward deletion linear regression analyses revealed significant relationships between spectator motivations and media and merchandise consumption for males and females. The findings suggest the implementation of varying marketing strategies for males and females in order to impact media and merchandise consumption of MMA spectators.