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  • Steven E. Motsinger
    Edward T. Turner
    Jonathon D. Evans

    The purpose of this investigation was to determine the similarities and differences between food and beverage concession operations among sport facilities in a particular geographic region. The sport facilities selected for study were five coliseums, five ...Read more

  • Scott E. Branvold
    David W. Pan
    Trent E. Gabert

    This study was designed to assess the effects of winning percentage and market size on attendance in minor league baseball. Two basic questions were posed: (a) Did attendance coorelate with winning percentage and market size across competitive levels? and ...Read more

  • Aviv Shoham
    Gregory M. Rose
    Frederic Kropp
    Lynn R. Kahle

    This paper examines the sports consumption community of Generation X women. Building on recent papers on consumption communtiies (Shoham & Kahle, 1996) and marketing sport services to Generation X (Turco, 1996), we propose that Generation X women (operationalized in this study as between the ages of 18 and 29) represent a distinct sport consumption community. Women from Generation X possess unique consumption interests and differ from other agegroups on opinion leadership for exercise and sport, personal values, and self-concept. The managerial and research implications arising from...Read more

  • lfie Meek

    This paper attempts to quantify the sports industry and the economic activity it supports in the United States. Since national output is measured by Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the output of the national sports industry should be measured by Gross Domestic Sports Product (GDSP), which is calculated using the rules and methodology put forth by the U.S. Department of Commerce. Using that estimate, the amount of economic activity supported by the sports industry is calculated using an input/output model of the national economy. The result of this analysis is that the size of the sports...Read more

  • Dan Covell

    This column is designed to provide sport marketing academicians and practioners with brief descriptions of professionally relevant articles culled from a broad range of publications. Articles are arranged by subject matter, and listed alphabetically by author. Information regarding subscriptions and the acquiaition of back issues can be found at the end of the column.Read more

  • J. Richard Shannon
    L.W. Turley

    This paper reports the results of a quantitative study of the effects of in-arena promotion on purchase intentions and purchase behaviors. The results show that in-arena promotion does influence both purchase intentions and purchase behavior of game attendees. However, this study's results also indicate that in-arena promotions tend to have more effect on spectators attending men's games, on men in general, and on those fans who attend greater numbers of games. Implications of these findings are also discussed by the authors.Read more