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  • Linda Greenwald
    Juan-Miquel Fernandez-Balboa

    Although few studies exist that focus specifically on corporate sponsorship of grassroots sport, recent statements from sport marketers, and both market and demographic trends, indicate that grassroots sport sponsorship is and will continue to increase.Read more

  • an Covell

    This column is designed to provide sport marketing academicians and practioners with brief descriptions of professionally relevant articles culled from a broad range of publications. Articles are arranged by subject matter, and listed alphabetically by author. Information regarding subscriptions and the acquiaition of back issues can be found at the end of the column.Read more

  • Larry M. McCarthy

    Hispanic consumers exist in a unique bilingual and bicultural market that allows the consumer to take part in mainstream American society without having to forfeit their Latin culture. Among the numerous demographic changes that will take place in American society, as it enters the 21st century, is a significant increase in the Hispanic population. This paper examines critical aspects of this rapidly expanding population, and indicates how sport organizations might most effectively tap into this unique market.Read more

  • Dave Arthur
    Don Scott
    Terry Woods
    Ray Booker

    Sport sponsorship is now a commercially-orientated and entrenched marketing tool utilised by many corporations on a worldwide basis. A great deal has been written on the subject by academics and non-academics alike. This paper aims to assimilate most of what has already been justified by research into a logical and useful guide for organizations either already engaged in, or hoping to undertake, a sport sponsorship programme. The Process Model of Sport Sponsorship Implementation developed from the reseacrh therefore represents the basic requirements for the effective use of the sponsorship...Read more

  • Brenda G. Pitts

    The purpose of this study was to determine if people attending the Gay Games could accurately identify the official sponsors. Sponsorship recall methodology was used, and a survey specific to the Gay Games was developed. Respondents included 182 people who identifed themselves as a Gay Games athlete, spectator, or worker. Results were varied but showed an unusually high recall rate of the sponsors. Additionally, in relation to participant attitude toward the sponsors, the results showed a comparatively strong attitude toward new loyalty to a company or product as a result of the company's...Read more

  • laire Brindley
    Richard Thorogood

    Horse racing in the United Kingdom (U.K.) is a mature market and in 1991 the Commons' Home Affairs Committee concluded:To prosper, racing must promote and sell itself on the domestic and international markets. New target markets need to be encouraged to attend. This study, completed for the Newbury Racecourse, Berkshire, England, used first-time race attendance to identify the most important factors to repeat consumption for 18 to 28-year-olds.Read more