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  • Ardy A. Arani

    The Atlanta Olympic Games are only a little more than three years away, and the Atlanta Centennial Olympic Properties, an arm of the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games, has begun marketing sponsorship packages. A major concern of domestic and interna ...Read more

  • Richard Irwin

    Sport Marketing Mullin, B.J. Hardy, S. Sutton, W.A. Richard Irwin Human Kinetics Publishers promotions public relations marketingRead more

  • Don DIxon

    The Goodwill Games of 1986 changed the face of sport. It was the breakthrough event in sponsorship packaging because it offered everything a company wanted in an event sponsorship for one price. This event invited (selected) participants based on previous ...Read more

  • Stephen M. Woods

    The sport marketing environment has become global, and nationalism has little place in such an environment. Terms such as foreign sponsorship and American events are misnomers. Many modern businesses have multinational operations, and many events are seen and marketed worldwide. Players on American teams hail from a variety of nations other than the United States. Sport events have truly become international, and thus the discarding of obsolete and limiting terms such as foreign sponsorship and American (or that of any other nation) event will provide marketers with the portential for...Read more

  • Stephen Townley

    Sports rights outside the USA have for years been undervalued by television. In consequence sports-governing bodies, such as FIFA or the International Olympic Commmittee and their consultants, have reacted by developing sophistocated and expensive ...Read more

  • Peter J. Graham
    Boris Lelchitski

    The potential for the marketing and sponsorship of sport within Russia is significant. However, recent government and economic changes require that prospective investors carefully examine the variables affecting both short- and long term profit projection prior to entering this marketplace. Inept management personell, inflation and rapidly escalating prices, loss of government and/or union financial assistance, competition for discretionary monies, and a migration of leading athletic talent to Western Europe and the United States represent some of the variables contributing to the...Read more

  • Richard Irwin
    Peter J. Graham

    Sport Marketing in the Commonwealth of Independent States (C.I.S.), formerly the Soviet Union, is best described as being in the embryonic stages. The recent political changes experienced by these states and the adoption of a market-based economic systemRead more

  • SMQ Editor

    Del Wilber DelWilber + Associates IncorporatedRead more

  • Tracy L. Schoenadel

     Is pay-per-view television for sporting events in trouble, and will it survive in 1993?Is Topps Company still on top of the baseball card market?Read more