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  • Richard L. Irwin
    David K. Stotlar

    merchandising licensing and programs Richard and Irwin David and Stotlar sport and licensing and program NFL revenue and management promotions public and relations scatterplot cluster and analysis,The purpose of this investigation was to develop an optimaRead more

  • SMQ Editor

    John and Bevilaqua Bevilaqua and International Sports and Administration sports and special and events and industry,Mr. John Bevilaqua Bevilaqua International, Inc.Read more

  • Hal Hansen

    A total of 677 spectators attending two LPGA golf tournaments rated the relative importance of 27 reasons to attend on a 5-point Likert scale; they provided three phrases (free response format) describing their thoughts of the event, and they completed ...Read more

  • R. Greg Waggoner
    Rob Ammon
    Frank R. Veltri

    The purpose of this research was to measure the perceptins of NCAA Division I-A presidents, athletic directors, and head football coaches regarding the use of student-athlete graduation rates as a criterion in head football coaches' evaluations.Read more

  • Tracy L. Schoenadel

    Are corporations who pay for exclusive sponsorships for sporting events always getting their money's worth? How important is brand imaging and upgrading?Read more

  • David K. Stotlar

    World-wide Olympic and amateur sport organizations have become dependent upon corporate sponsors for financial viability since the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles. The purpose of this study was to assess the ability of consumers in the United States to identify sponsors of the 1992 Winter Olympics and to differentiate among types of involvement. Specific research questions were posed regarding the rate at which consumers would be able to recall and recognize Olympic sponsors and whether consumers would be able to differentiate among the types of involvement of current IOC and UCOC...Read more

  • Jacquelyn Cuneen
    Michael J. Hannan

    Traditional methods (intermediate measures/recognition testing) were used to assess sponsorship recognition by spectators attending an LPGA tournament. An instrument was developed based on one designed by Stotlar and Johnson (1989) to study impact and ...Read more