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  • James M. Gladden
    George R. Milne

    Marketing literature is replete with research (both academic and applied) that furthers the understanding of brand equity as a tool for guiding strategic marketing decisions. Brand equity can also be a vitally important tool for sport managers. However ...Read more

  • Dan Covell

    This column is designed to provide sport marketing academicians and practioners with brief descriptions of professionally relevant articles culled from a broad range of publications. Articles are arranged by subject matter, and listed alphabetically by author. Information regarding subscriptions and the acquiaition of back issues can be found at the end of the column.Read more

  • Stefan Ludwig
    James D. Karabetsos

    Corporate sponsorships of sports, arts, and cultural events have gained acceptance in recent years. An increasing percentage of the total marketing budget flows into this promotion tool. In particular, the Olympic Games has attracted major international corporations spending an enormous amount of money to be associated with this event. The purpose of this study is threefold. First, it investigates the goals and objectives of the 10 worldwide sponsors (TOP) and the 10 Centenial Olympic Games Partners to become sponsors of the 1996 Centenial Olympic Games in Atlanta, Georgia. Second and...Read more

  • Douglas M. Turco

    Since 1971, when tobacco products were excluded from U.S. television advertising and limited to advertising in print, the tobacco industry has been increasingly involved in sport sponsorship. In 1997, a landmark settlement was reached with attorneys gene ...Read more

  • Roberta L. Smith
    Andrea K. Pent
    Brenda G. Pitts

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