Social Media and Sports Marketing: Examining the Motivations and Constraints of Twitter Users, pp. 170-183

Chad Witkemper
Choong Hoon Lim
Adia Waldburger

This study examined what motives and constraints influence Sport Twitter Consumption (STC) in regard to following athletes. Furthermore, the study attempted to cultivate a reliable and valid model through which researchers and practitioners can measure Twitter consumption-related motivations and constraints. The proposed combined model consisted of 12 items with four measures of motivation (i.e., information, entertainment, pass time, and fanship) and 12 items with four measures of constraints (i.e., accessibility, economic, skills, social). Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) method with a convenience sample of 1,124 respondents was employed to analyze the conceptual framework and elements of the scale. Motivations for STC among the respondents were positively and significantly related, whereas constraints were negatively and significantly related to their Twitter consumption in regard to following athletes. Results and future implications for practical and theoretical sport marketing research are also discussed.