Sport Management Practica: A Metadiscrete Experiential Learning

Richard M. Southall
Mark S. Nagel
Peter Han
Deborah LeGrande

Description: Currently, each of the 200 North American colleges and universities offering specializations in sport management provide students the opportunity to pursue discrete (separate from classroom) practica or internships. However, only a small number of such programs offer students the chance to pursue metadiscrete (out of classroom, but under the supervision and guidance of professor/mentor) practica. This paper provides a history and description of the metadiscrete sport management practicum program that was recently developed and successfully implemented at the State University of West Georgia. It can serve as an implementation blueprint for other metadiscrete sport management practica aimed at enhancing the participating students',practitioner's, and faculty's theoretical understandings and practical applications of sport management while creating an entrepreneurial enterprise capable of generating revenue for the academic program.