Statistical Data Analysis Techniques Employed in Sport Marketing Quarterly: 1992 to 2004

Jerome Quarterman
Brenda G. Pitts
E. Newton Jackson
Kyoungtae Kim

This investigation was an assessment of data analysis statistical techniques used in Sport Marketing Quarterly (SMQ) from 1992 to 2004. In 159 quantitative data based articles reviewed, 360 uses of statistical data analysis techniques were identified. The techniques were classified by type of statistical data analysis method as descriptive statistics, parametric statistics, and nonparametric statistics. One half (50.00%) were used as descriptive statistics, 41.94% as parametric statistics, and less than one tenth (8.06%) as nonparametric statistics. Percentages and frequencies were the most frequent descriptive statistics used to answer the research purposes, questions, and/or hypotheses by the researchers of SMQ for this period. One-way ANOVA and regression analysis were the most frequent parametric statistics used and chi-square was the most frequent nonparametric statistic used. The intent of this investigation was to provide undergraduate and graduate students, their instructors, and other scholars with an overview of the most frequently used statistical data analysis techniques used in SMQ during its first 13 years. In addition, this study has provided some insight into the directions of the research conducted in sport marketing studies from a research methodology standpoint. For a new and developing academic area such as sport marketing, it is important for its consumers to know how such an area advances relative to its research methods.