Ticket Sales Coaching Innovation: A Few Pages from Paul Brown’s Playbook, p. 103-111

Richard L. Irwin
William A. Sutton

Sales coaching has long been considered one of the most important activities influencing sales performance (Corcoran, Peterson, Baitch, & Barrett, 1995). Despite the importance of sales and sales coaching, limited academic or scholarly attention has been directed toward this topic in sport management. While the inclusion of sales-oriented coursework within sport management curricula appears to be on the rise, limited information has been made available on coaching/teaching methods. Similarly, little content has been published on how sport enterprises select, train, and retain sales staff. While the philosophies of coaching legends such as Lombardi, Wooden, and Rockne are frequently recognized for influencing coaching and leadership in and out of sport, this paper examines how the pioneering coaching practices of Paul Brown, often credited with revolutionizing the profession of football coaching, can similarly advance sport franchise ticket sales coaching and performance.