Visual Ethnography of On-site Sport Sponsorship Activation: LG Action Sports Championship

J. Andrew Choi
David K. Stotlar
S. Roger Park

Sporting events have increasingly become the epicenter of sponsorship or logo showcasing and the concept of sponsorship has changed the way sport marketers view sporting events ever so drastically. The amount of logo exposure at sporting venues determines the fine line between instant elation and intolerable anguish for sport marketers. Do consumers then actually notice the multitude of logos that the sponsors bombard them with at these sporting events? The purpose of this study is to investigate what an average spectator at a sporting event visually records in a two-hour span. The research question is “Do on-site sponsor programs indeed match the interests of the fans??Seventeen participants took photos of the “most interesting or meaningful scenes?at an action sports championship in September 2004 and shared the photos with the researchers in one-on-one interviews.