Articles in this issue:

  • G. Villa and S. Lozano

    Football teams play following two strategies: defensive and offensive. The length of time in which the team plays under each of these two modes will depend on who the rival team is and the technical play developed. Once the match is over, an analysis of the team’s performance is necessary to determine which aspects of the offensive/defensive strategies used during the game failed and which succeeded. Although there are some studies in the literature that assess the offensive and defensive efficiencies of football teams in a season, none of them deal with the performance in a single match....Read more

  • Oliver Budzinski
    Sophia Gaenssle
    & Philipp Kunz-Kaltenhauser

    The collective sale of football broadcasting rights constitutes a cartel, which, in the European Union, is only allowed if it complies with a number of conditions and obligations, including inter alia, partial unbundling, and the no-single-buyer rule. These regulations were defined with traditional TV-markets in mind. However, the landscape of audio-visual broadcasting is quickly changing, with online streaming services gaining popularity and relevance. This also alters the effects of the conditions and obligations for the centralized marketing arrangements. Partial unbundling may lead to...Read more

  • Erik Thibaut
    Steven Vos
    Jeroen Scheerder

    The aim of the current study is twofold. First, it investigates the influencing factors of runners’ sports apparel value at a running event. Second, the potential value of observational data in the socioeconomic field is investigated, as this study combines data retrieved by a survey and by visually scanning pictures of event runners. The results demonstrate that visual data gathering methods contribute to explaining sports apparel usage and consumption. For example, it is found that runners who wear a shirt of the running event spent less money on their running shoes and overall sports...Read more

  • Canan Eryigit and Mehmet Eryigit

    The purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of sponsorship announcements on the returns of sponsee stocks by using event study methodology. The study sample includes 25 sponsorship announcements of four major sports clubs listed in Borsa Istanbul for the time period 2011–2015. Statistical significance of the abnormal returns, cumulative abnormal returns, average abnormal returns, and cumulative abnormal returns are tested by t-test. Mann Whitney U tests were performed to check the differences in abnormal returns based on sponsors’ home countries and form of sponsorship....Read more