Articles in this issue:

  • Mark Nagel

    An interview with Joyce Caron-Mercier, vice president of The Specialized Marketing Group.Read more

  • Henry Wear
    Bob Heere
    and Aaron Clopton

    This study examined the effectiveness of sportswear companies’ sponsorship of intercollegiate athletic departments, and the subsequent effects on the students of the university. The value of these sponsorship contracts has grown exponentially, with new contracts averaging $6 million a year per institution (Kish, 2014). However, little research has been devoted to the impact of the relationship between sportswear brands and university students, and it is uncertain what the return on investment of these sponsorships are to the apparel companies, other than media exposure. To examine how...Read more

  • Nancy L. Lough
    Jennifer R. Pharr
    and Andrea Guerin

    Sport participants have an economic value up to four times higher than that of sport spectators in the United States according to Kim, Smith, and James (2010). One participatory sport that has experienced tremendous growth in participation numbers worldwide since the mid-1990s is road racing. Road race event organizers currently face increased competition with each other to attract participants. Therefore the purpose of the study was to better understand the core determinants (or factors) believed to influence the behavior of road race participation. Advancing our understanding will assist...Read more

  • Haylee Uecker Mercado and Matthew J. Bernthal

    This research is an initial exploration of how members of one Hispanic subculture (Cuban Americans) were socialized into sport participation and spectating across multiple generations. Through 16 in-depth interviews with Cuban Americans across three generations, the researchers explored Cuban Americans’ values relative to sport and identified socialization agents that were the primary contributors to their socialization into sport. It was confirmed that family plays a primary role in sport socialization for this subculture. We also found the presence of retroactive socialization—a child...Read more

  • Patrick J. Rishe
    David Sanders
    Jason Reese
    and Michael Mondello

    In a seminal investigation of secondary pricing for college football bowl games, Rishe, Reese, and Boyle (2015) found Rose Bowl administrators price their face values in the inelastic range of consumer demand, and factors such as pent-up demand, distance traveled, and perceived seat quality impacted the size of secondary markups. Their study, however, lacked a breadth of application because it only focused on two bowl games occurring at the same venue and city. Conversely, this paper uses 9,413 transactions through TicketCity reflecting secondary ticket sales across 55 different bowl games...Read more

  • Thomas A. Baker III and Natasha T. Brison

    Originality is “[t]he sine qua non of copyright” (Feist Publications, Inc. v. Rural Tel. Ser. Co., 1991, p. 345), meaning without originality there is no copyright. Yet, what if original work capable of copyright protection existed on the bodies of celebrity athletes? Should courts use copyright law to protect the copyright owner at the expense of the athletes’ right to control the commercial use of their own bodies? These are the issues presented in Solid Oak Sketches, LLC v. Take- Two Interactive Software, Inc., (2016), a copyright action brought by tattooists against video game...Read more