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  • Richard M. Campbell
    Damon Aiken
    Aubrey Kent

    While much previous research has been conducted related to the tendencies for sports fans to bask in reflected glory (BIRG) and cut off reflected failure (CORF), the present work derives a model of fan behavior inclusive of two new concepts that extend existing theory: basking in spite of reflected failure (BIRF) and cutting off reflected success (CORS). The authors provide examples of image-management behaviors associated with BIRF and CORS and suggest multiple explanations for these relatively unusual consumer actions. Further, the authors develop formal propositions to guide future...Read more

  • Yong Jae Ko
    Donna L. Pastore

    This study discusses current issues of service quality and proposes a conceptual model that is focused on consumers' perceptions of service quality toward organizations and services in the participant sport industry. The proposed model is based on the current conceptualization of service quality, which suggests that service quality is a multidimensional and hierarchical construct. In the proposed model, service quality consists of four primary dimensions which are defined by several corresponding subdimensions: (a) program quality * range of program, operating time, and information, (b)...Read more

  • Ted B. Peetz
    Janet B. Parks
    Nancy E. Spence

    This study explored the role of gender in the transfer of meaning from athlete endorser, to product, to purchase intentions for 150 sport management and kinesiology undergraduates. Most were 18-22-year-old (96%), European-American/White (91.3%), males (68%). Participants viewed photographs of Lance Armstrong, Mia Hamm, Michael Jordan, and Jackie Joyner-Kersee and were asked to identify and describe each athlete. Participants then indicated whether they considered each athlete an expert on products related to her/his sport and whether the athlete's endorsement would influence their purchase...Read more

  • Anita M. Moorman

    After being fined for wearing sponsor logos on their uniform in 2003, jockeys in the 2004 Kentucky Derby were allowed to wear such patches thanks to a court ruling.Read more

  • Jeffrey L. Stinson
    Dennis R. Howard

    college, fan behavior, donorsRead more