Articles in this issue:

  • Coyte G. Cooper
    Erianne A. Weight

    During the past 25 years, NCAA wrestling has experienced a significant decline in the number of programs offered at the intercollegiate level. Amid the current economic landscape facing intercollegiate athletics, it appears that the only sure way to enhance the longevity of college wrestling is through increased fan support and revenue. The purpose of the research was to survey stakeholders of college wrestling to determine their level of satisfaction with the rules and regulations implemented in NCAA wrestling competitions. Utilizing customer satisfaction theory, a national survey was...Read more

  • Keith W. Lambrecht
    Frederick Kaefer
    Samuel D. Ramenofsky

    Sportscape refers to service extensions and the physical surroundings of a sports event. This is a case study that focuses on sportscape factors and how they influence the overall satisfaction of spectators attending a PGA TOUR event. Golf is different from other sports in that it has a flexible venue and is experienced differently by spectators and, therefore, careful analysis must be given to sportscape factors. A survey was developed and implemented at a PGA TOUR event to identify the influence of eight specific sportscape factors on the level of satisfaction of spectators. Based on...Read more

  • Daniel C. Funk
    Kevin Filo
    Anthony A. Beaton
    Mark Pritchard

    The ability to draw attendees to performances is vital to the success of a sport organization. As a result, sport managers and academics attempt to investigate motivations that drive decisions to attend events. In order to make predictions, academic demands have lead to the proliferation of instruments and constructs to capture a wide variety of motives, but these tools have limited ability to explain game attendance; and practitioners demand shorter scales to increase efficiency. The purpose of this research is to provide a parsimonious measuring tool of motives to explain sport event...Read more

  • John Vincent
    John S. Hill
    Jason W. Lee

    The career of David Beckham, celebrity soccer player, has had its highs and lows. But through it all, one thing has remained constant, David Beckham has rarely ventured out of the media or the public eye. For a decade, from his 1995 debut for Manchester United, his career went from strength to strength, his on-field brilliance matched only by his soaring marketing appeal in a sport that massively commercialized in the 1990s (Cashmore & Parker, 2003).Read more

  • Willie Burden
    Ming Li

    A limited amount of literature has examined the outsourcing of sport marketing operations and media rights from the perspectives of large NCAA Division I institutions or the service providers (Li & Burden, 2002). Even less attention has been given to the perspectives of professional sport organizations. This essay focuses on the nature of outsourcing from the viewpoint of minor league baseball (MiLB) organizations, to discern any similarities or differences in outsourcing decisions among the three classifications commonly referred to as AAA (Triple-A), AA (Double-A), and A (Single-A);...Read more

  • Anita M. Moorman
    Marion E. Hambrick

    Three recent cases that are currently pending in federal courts assert a variety of legal theories and, at first glance, may seem to bear no connection. However, a common thread links all three legal challenges: the business activity of licensing. These three cases, one of which will soon be heard by the United States Supreme Court, have the potential to dramatically affect licensing practices in both professional and collegiate sport. When one thinks of the sport licensing industry, the first thought may be of T-shirts, jerseys, and coffee mugs emblazoned with familiar names, logos, and...Read more