The Monetary Value of Voluntary Coaching: An Output-Based Approach

Johannes Orlowski and Pamela Wicker

This study estimates the monetary value of voluntary coaching in German non-profit sports clubs applying an output-based approach as opposed to previous studies relying on input-based approaches. Using the contingent valuation method, the willingness- to-pay of the beneficiaries (i.e., the club members consuming training sessions) is estimated. Club members across eight different sports were surveyed (n = 1,583). Results show that—depending on the question format—club members place a monetary value of €67.26 (open question), €17.51 (dichotomous choice), and €18.46 (payment ladder) on one hour of voluntary work. Determinants of reporting a positive willingness-to-pay and on the amount of willingness-to-pay are analyzed applying Cragg’s double hurdle model. The results show that the attitude towards the coach, income, and the size of the training group are significantly associated with stated willingness-to-pay. This study contributes to the literature on contingent valuation in sport by providing empirical evidence from the non-profit sector.