Motivation for Giving to NCAA Division II Athletics

Soojin Kim
Yongjae Kim
and Seungbum Lee

The purpose of this study is to identify the prominent athletic donor motives in an NCAA Division II athletic program, employing the scale of Athletic Donor Motivation (Ko, Rhee, Walker, & Lee, 2014), and to assess the impact of the identified motives on giving behavior. A total of two hundred and thirty two actual donors housed in an NCAA Division II university were used for analysis. To test the psychometric properties of the measurement and examine the relationship between donation motives and actual donation behavior, a confirmatory factor analysis and a structural equation modeling were employed, respectively. Results of this study indicated that vicarious achievement, philanthropy, commitment, and power are the four primary motivational factors, while tangible benefits, which was consistently found as an important motive in prior studies was found low. Such findings highlight key differences and suggest different salient motivations exist requiring particular attention in NCAA Division II context.