Does Service Matter? An Examination of Donor Perceptions of Service Quality in College Athletics, p. 154-165

Stephen L. Shapiro

Service quality has been recognized as a strategic tool for improving organizational performance. Many non-profit organizations have taken a market-based approach to fundraising, which enhances the importance of service excellence. The purpose of this investigation was to examine donor perceptions of service quality in college athletics. First, an adapted version of Sargeant’s (2001) non-profit service quality instrument was examined to assess its appropriateness within the context of college athletic donors. Confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) and validity and reliability analyses provided evidence of an adequate model fit. Subsequently, three multiple linear regression models were developed to examine the relationship between service quality and donor satisfaction, donor longevity, and gift amount. The results indicated a significant relationship between service quality and donor satisfaction. However, a direct relationship between service quality and donor behavioral outcomes was not found.