The Richmond What? The Naming of a Minor League Baseball Franchise, p. 56-64

Brendan Dwyer
Carrie W. Le Crom
Nathan Tomasini
Gregory A. Smith

In September of 2008 the Richmond Braves (R-Braves) of Minor League Baseball (MiLB) relocated to Gwinnett County, Georgia, after operating in the Richmond market for 43 years. Like several high-profile moves in professional sports, the crux of this team’s relocation centered on the organization’s request for a new stadium. The contentious split left Richmond, Virginia without a professional baseball team, spurned a fan base, and most importantly, opened up an important media market (58th in the country) that quickly became the envy of several MiLB organizations across the country. Despite zero movement on a new stadium in Richmond, it took only one year before a new ownership group, the Richmond Professional Baseball Organization, entered the market with a new team and a not-so-new challenge of reenergizing a disenfranchised fan base and community.