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  • Christine M. Brooks

    Stakeholders in the active lifestyle industry want to understand how people are attracted to specific forms of active lifestyle pursuits. Exploratory research undertaken for the windsurfing and health club industries suggested that a phenomenon labeled as ...Read more

  • David K. Stotlar
    Frank R. Veltri
    R. Viswanathan

    Given the growth of athlete endorsements and the number of corporations involved, it has become imperative to analyze consumer recognition of athlete endorsements. This study was designed to evaluate the recognition of athletic products endorsed by select ...Read more

  • Rick Burton
    Robert Y. Cornilles

    Although many team sport marketing activities dominate the American landscape, little has been written on the selling process required to consistently fill the stadiums and arenas where the sporting events take place. In particular, many practitioners may not realize that selling the team sport product has become a year-round activity requiring significant strategic planning and human resource training for the personnel involved. The authors seek to present a broad-based overview of the selling process and the emerging theories and foundational concepts that have become required knowledge...Read more

  • Ichael Dinkel
    Stephanie Kratz

    Organization of sport in Germany government support of sports participation of corporations in sport from public to private media BRUHN's Magical Triangle Sponsoring Sports in Germany The German League system The soccer Bundesliga The German Ice Hockey League Deutsche Eishockey Liga, DEL Borussia Monchengladbach ...Read more

  • Dan Covell

    This column is designed to provide sport marketing academicians and practioners with brief descriptions of professionally relevant articles culled from a broad range of publications. Articles are arranged by subject matter, and listed alphabetically by author. Information regarding subscriptions and the acquiaition of back issues can be found at the end of the column.Read more

  • Lisa Delpy
    Heather A. Bosetti

    The purpose of this paper is to inform sports managers and marketers of the importance of the World Wide Web marketplace. The Internet and World Wide Web are growing at a rapid pace. This media presents an unparralleled opportunity to reach sports fans worldwide at a fraction of traditional advertising costs. This paper shall demonstrate to the sports manager and marketer the importance of leveraging this expanding market and provide tips on how to do so. Specific applications for both business and academic sport managers and marketers include ticket sales and sport event registration,...Read more