Spectator Motives: Why Do We Watch When Our Favorite Team Is Not Playing?, pp. 210-217

Janet S. Fink
Heidi M. Parker

A plethora of research has examined sport spectator motives (James & Ridinger, 2002; Robinson & Trail, 2005) yet much of this research has focused on spectators watching their favorite team. Thus, this research sought to expand the current motives literature by comparing spectators’ motives for watching their favorite team versus watching games in which their favorite team is not involved. Participants’ motives were assessed using Trail and James’s (2001) Motivation Scale for Sport Consumption (MSSC). Results revealed the motives of drama, skill, and social were rated the highest in both game types. Additionally, both men and women rated those same motives the highest. However, there were significant differences by game type and gender relative to some motives. Theoretical and practical implications of the findings are discussed.