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  • This study examines the determinants of voting behavior in the referendum for the 2026 Innsbruck-Tyrol Winter Games. Through the lens of rational choice theory, we investigate the role of proximity, elite endorsements, tourism, environment, and population characteristics using data from all 279 voting communities. The regression results show that supporting the conservative party in the National Council elections, industry emissions, and population instability are positively associated with voter turnout, while supporting the green party and temperature on voting day have a negative...Read more

  • Thadeu Gasparetto and Angel Barajas

    Most papers analyze the broadcast demand for a single league. However, professional football clubs participate in two or more tournaments simultaneously every season. Hence, the perception of fans may differ. This is a relevant topic, since television rights constitute the main source of revenue for professional football. The Brazilian football market is an appropriate laboratory to test it: The first division teams play two national-level tournaments, including a state-lev-el championship, and the top clubs also compete in an international championship. The dataset comprises 458 broadcast...Read more

  • Andrea Albanese
    Arne De Meyere
    Ward Vanruymbeke
    and Stijn Baert

    This study is the first to estimate the effects of the sending-off of a player on the full-time results in international club soccer. To this end, we analyze data of more than 2,000 recent matches in the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League. We find that, when home teams receive a red card, it harms their goal scoring and victory probabilities. By contrast, a red card for away teams can have a positive, negative, or neutral effect for them, depending on the timing of the player dismissal.

    JEL Classification: L83, J44, Z00

    DOI: ...Read more

  • Hoyoon Jung
    Choon-Geol Moon
    and Yoon Tae Sung

    This study tests the uncertainty of outcome hypothesis for single games and playoff appearances in the Korean Professional Baseball League from 2007 to 2015. Our panel data analysis shows that the difference in winning percentages between two teams and playoff uncertainty based on games behind are important factors for increasing game attendance. This study supports the potential importance of analyzing daily game attendance of the literature on diverse sport leagues. It also presents implications for policymakers and league owners—which typically leverage teams as promotional instruments—...Read more