Articles in this issue:

  • Preethika Sainam
    Sridhar Balasubramanian
    and Barry L. Bayus

    Tickets to sports events like the NCAA basketball tournament are currently sold well in advance of the games. Fans who wait to purchase a ticket after knowing which teams will play are often disappointed because the tickets are sold out by then. Recently, some firms have offered fans the opportunity to purchase forwards on tickets before this uncertainty is resolved. Each purchased forward is linked to a team – if that team makes it, the fan must buy the ticket; otherwise, the forward expires. Such forwards protect fans from uncertainty and provide the firm with assured revenues. This...Read more

  • Jie Xu
    Hojun Sung
    Scott Tainsky
    and Michael Mondello

    This research examines the within-game television ratings of regular season NFL games across three distinct viewership markets. Specifically, we operationalize our markets as follows—winning market denotes that of the team winning the game, losing market denotes the market of the losing squad, and all other markets where the game was broadcast were pooled in the neutral market category. Our modeling demonstrates that ratings changes attributable to scoring margin are essentially similar in neutral and losing markets, but different than winning markets. Implications related to the NFL’s...Read more

  • Brad R. Humphreys and Jane E. Ruseski

    Canadian Sport Policy calls for an increase in the number and diversity of Canadians participating in sport between 2012-2022 (Canadian Sport Policy, 2012). Understanding the determinants of physical activity and sport participation is central to achieving this objective. We estimate double hurdle models to analyze the individual determinants of physical activity in Canada. Separate consideration of participation and time spent decisions is important for untangling the effects of income, age, gender, and family structure on choices. Income is positively associated with participation in...Read more

  • Bill M. Woodland and Linda M. Woodland

    Sports betting markets continue to receive considerable attention from researchers regarding questions of market efficiency. The vast majority of papers have tested these markets with respect to the outcome of a single game. This article is the first to examine the National Basketball Association (NBA) season wins total over/under betting market. Woodland and Woodland (2013) investigated the analogous market for the National Football League (NFL), and found it to be sufficiently inefficient to provide bettors with profitable wagering opportunities. Betting rules are motivated by bettor...Read more

  • Dean V. Baim
    Levon Goukasian
    and Marilyn B. Misch

    Using event study methodology, this paper analyzes the capital market behavior related to shares of companies that sponsored the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games. We investigate the existence of abnormal returns and changes in trading volumes on announcement dates for companies at two sponsorship levels—Official Olympic Partners and Official Olympic Supporters. We also test for differential responses between British and non-British firms. We find that London 2012 Olympic sponsorships are associated with statistically significant increased share values for Official Partners as well as for...Read more