Articles in this issue:

  • Andrew J. Rohm
    George R. Milne
    Mark A. McDonald

    This study presents a mixed-method approach for segmenting a sports product-market using participation motivation data. Qualitative data are used to segment a national sports product-market—running footwear—using qualitative analysis software as well as multivariate statistical approaches. This study describes a systematic approach to developing a consumer segmentation typology using both demographic variables as well as self-expressed motivations for sport and fitness participation. The mixed-method approach reported here employs qualitative data to help validate subsequent quantitative...Read more

  • Gregg Bennett
    Michael Sagas
    Windy Dees

    The purpose of this study was to assess the media preferences and consumption behaviors of attendees at an action sports event, with a specific focus on comparing members of Generation Y (Gen-Y) to Generation X (Gen-X). Research participants were event attendees at the Gravity Games (N = 2108). A series of chi square analyses indicated some differences between the generations. In general, Gen-Y participants, when compared to Gen-X, watch more television, were more likely to (a) watch action sports (i.e., Gravity Games & X Games) on television, (b) play video games more often, and were...Read more

  • Margaret Morrison
    Daniel M. Haygood
    Dean M. Krugman

    This paper investigates auto racing sponsorships by cigarette manufacturers from 2000-2002 and builds on earlier work which found that by using event sponsorships tobacco companies enjoyed significant television exposure for popular cigarette brands. We examine cigarette sponsorship of televised motor events in an attempt to quantify this exposure in terms of time and monetary value. We document the first declines in total exposure time achieved by cigarette companies through these broadcasts, but concurrently identify increases in audiences for the races. Results indicate that cigarette...Read more

  • Steve McKelvey
    Adam Epstein

    The case of Robert Donchez lends new meaning to the phrase “he’s such a character.?Donchez v. Coors Brewing Company, 392 F.3d 1211 (10th Cir. 2004). In 1999, Donchez, a Colorado resident and popular vendor at Colorado sporting events, sued Coors Brewing Company and its advertising agency, Foote, Cone & Belding (FCB), claiming that the defendants had stolen his persona. Donchez, also known as “Bob the Beerman,?maintained that the defendants had utilized, without authorization and without compensation, his arguably unique beer-vending “Beerman?character in a national advertising campaign...Read more

  • Irvine Clarke III
    Ryan Mannion

    The Asian American market segment is the fastest growing minority group in the United States (Li, 2003). However, the potential of this important market segment for sport franchises remains relatively untapped. Differences in cultural values and general consumer behavior may compel sports marketers to adapt current marketing approaches. This paper explores the Asian American market as consumers of sport. Best marketing practices of current sports franchises are examined, and recommendations for sports marketers on how to successfully target the Asian American market segment are provided.Read more

  • Jacquelyn Cuneen
    Raymond Schneider
    Andrea Gliatta
    Nicholas Butler

    Joe Cobbs, the Director of Marketing for Miami University’s Athletics Department, walked into his office in Millett Hall every day during summer 2003 knowing that Miami would have one of the top quarterbacks in the country when the football season got underway in the fall. The quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger, had shown remarkable poise during his 2002 sophomore season and appeared to be even stronger in 2003 spring practice. Miami, picked as a top contender for the 2003 Mid-American Conference (MAC) title, may even be ranked nationally in the upcoming season under Roethlisberger’s...Read more