Participants’ Willingness to Pay for Offsetting Greenhouse Gas Emissions at Large-Scale Sports-Tourism Events

Petri Lintumäki
Hannes Winner
Ioannis Konstantopoulos
Diana Alexe
and Martin Schnitzer

This paper aims to explore participants’ willingness to pay (WTP) for offsetting greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with their participation in the World Winter Masters Games 2020 (WWMG20) in Innsbruck, Austria. We collected data from an online survey sent to participants at the event and used the contingent valuation approach to determine participants’ WTP and a set of alternative regression models to investigate the factors that mainly influence WTP. Our results show that the median WTP for offsetting GHG lies within a range of EUR 10 (lower bound) to EUR 20 (upper bound). Furthermore, WTP is positively influenced by participants’ attitudes toward climate change, their perception of the event as environmentally friendly, their level of education, as well as their overall expenses for traveling to the WWMG20.