Articles in this issue:

  • Damon P. S. Andrew
    Seungmo Kim
    Nick O’Neal
    T. Christopher Greenwell
    Jeffrey D. James

    The purpose of this paper is to explore how nine motives impact media and merchandise consumption among consumers of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). The present study extends previous research by examining the relationship between motivations and merchandise and media consumption among consumers at a large, professional MMA event. A one-way MANOVA was computed to test for gender differences in relation to attendance motivations in the present sample. After significant differences among spectator motives were identified, two separate backward deletion linear regression analyses revealed...Read more

  • Janet S. Fink
    Heidi M. Parker

    A plethora of research has examined sport spectator motives (James & Ridinger, 2002; Robinson & Trail, 2005) yet much of this research has focused on spectators watching their favorite team. Thus, this research sought to expand the current motives literature by comparing spectators’ motives for watching their favorite team versus watching games in which their favorite team is not involved. Participants’ motives were assessed using Trail and James’s (2001) Motivation Scale for Sport Consumption (MSSC). Results revealed the motives of drama, skill, and social were rated the highest...Read more

  • Matthew Robinson

    An interview with Mike Sweeney, director of Cleveland WhiteCaps Premier Soccer.Read more

  • Eli C. Bortman

    In the spring of 2007, Jordan’s, a Boston area furniture retailer, attracted the attention of New England fans, media, and sport marketers with an innovative promotion entitled “Jordan’s Monster Deal.” In television commercials, the energetic president of Jordan’s Furniture enthusiastically announced: “EVERY Sofa, EVERY Sectional, EVERY Dining Table, EVERY Bed, EVERY Mattress … can be YOURS FREE if the Red Sox win the World Championship in 2007.” As an official sponsor of the Boston Red Sox, Jordan’s held the rights to designate itself the “Official Furniture Store” of the Boston Red Sox....Read more

  • Heather Maxwell
    Nancy Lough

    The reliance on signage to generate spectator recognition of sponsors has become so commonplace that the concept of sponsorship is nearly synonymous with the use of signage in sport venues. A multitude of studies have measured sponsorship recognition and/or recall among sport spectators as the means to justify the practice (Bennett, Henson, & Zhang, 2002; Cuneen & Hannan, 1993; Nicholls, Roslow, & Dublish, 1999; Pitts & Slattery, 2004; Pitts, 1998; Stotlar, 1993; Stotlar & Johnson, 1989). Previous literature suggests more highly involved spectators, such as college...Read more

  • Tony Lachowetz
    Windy Dees
    Sam Todd

    It is less than a month to opening day as Bradley Dodson, General Manager, walks through Historic Grayson Stadium with John Simmons, the owner of the Savannah Sand Gnats. They survey the renovation of the stadium, comment on all the work that has been done, and contemplate what the future holds for the Sand Gnats. Dodson has been preparing for a staff meeting to discuss where the Sand Gnats stand and how to improve the organization. As he takes a seat in the stands and peers out to left field where the bleachers have been removed and the wall still needs to be finished, he considers “What...Read more