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  • Natasha T. Brison

    The U.S. carbonated soft-drink market posted a 2.1% volume decline in 2009, according to trade publication Beverage Digest (O’Leary, 2010). This was the fifth consecutive yearly decline for this market, and corporations have credited the loss to Americans choosing to seek bottled water as a healthier alternative to carbonated soft-drinks. In an effort to combat decreasing sales, corporations have developed products in the nutrient-enhanced water category. These enhanced waters are fortified with vitamins and nutrients, and tout health benefits beyond mere hydration. For example, these...Read more

  • Gi-Yong Koo
    Brody J. Ruihley
    Stephen W. Dittmore

    The purpose of the study was two-fold: (1) to examine the influence athletic performance has on the elements of source credibility, and (2) to investigate its impact on the causal relationships among consumers’ brand attitude, attitude toward the advertisement, and purchase intentions. A between-group experimental design was chosen to assess differences in the source credibility based on an athletic endorser’s on-field performance. Findings identified differences in the elements of source credibility based on an athlete endorser’s on-field performance, while the decomposition of the...Read more

  • Joris Drayer
    Stephen L. Shapiro
    Seoki Lee

    For decades, the airline and hotel industries have regularly changed prices to keep pace with fluctuating levels of consumer demand. This demand-based approach to pricing is referred to as revenue management. Meanwhile, the sport industry has traditionally underpriced tickets using a cost-based approach in order to maximize attendance and promote fan satisfaction. However, as operating costs have grown, sport organizations are now forced to reconsider these conservative pricing practices. Subsequently, in 2009, the San Francisco Giants were the first team to utilize dynamic pricing, which...Read more

  • Joseph E. Mahan III
    Joris Drayer
    Emily Sparvero

    The sports gambling industry represents a multi-billion dollar enterprise composed of a variety of activities, the composition of which is under constant debate. Among the topics of importance is the effect of sports gambling (both legal and illegal) on the attitudes and behaviors of sport fans. In particular, investigation into the nature and extent of involvement in activities such as betting on sport events and fantasy sport participation—along with any resultant effects on attitudes and more ‘traditional’ forms of sport fan behavior— could be of interest to sport marketing scholars and...Read more

  • Patrick Walsh
    Chih-I James Chien
    Stephen D. Ross

    Brand extensions are a popular strategy for professional sport teams as they can have a positive impact on team revenue and act as another touch point between teams and consumers. However, failed extensions could also potentially harm team brand equity. While research has begun to examine team brand extensions, no research has examined extensions from the perspective of the teams being an extension of a corporate brand. Therefore, this study examined the perceived fit between four professional baseball teams in Taiwan and the corporate parent brand which owned the teams, if team success...Read more

  • Haynes Hendrickson

    A view from the field, from Haynes Hendrickson, President of Turnkey Intelligence.Read more

  • Chad Witkemper
    Choong Hoon Lim
    Adia Waldburger

    This study examined what motives and constraints influence Sport Twitter Consumption (STC) in regard to following athletes. Furthermore, the study attempted to cultivate a reliable and valid model through which researchers and practitioners can measure Twitter consumption-related motivations and constraints. The proposed combined model consisted of 12 items with four measures of motivation (i.e., information, entertainment, pass time, and fanship) and 12 items with four measures of constraints (i.e., accessibility, economic, skills, social). Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) method with a...Read more