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  • Mark Nagel

    An interview with Jamie Pardi, Founder, Seabridge, Inc., and Analyst, Montgomery Securities & Montgomery Asset ManagementRead more

  • This study explored how the market value of American athletes may be influenced by the presence of international teammates. Specifically, the study examined: (a) Chinese consumers’ feelings of attachment to American National Basketball Association (NBA) players who have a distinguished Chinese teammate; (b) the relationship between Chinese consumers’ attachment level to the American teammates and their credibility as product endorsers; and (c) whether Chinese consumers’ evaluation of athlete endorsement differs for sports products and non-sports products. Respondents felt more attached to...Read more

  • Kurt C. Mayer
    Alan L. Morse
    and Timothy DeSchriver

    As financial and sustainability pressures placed upon collegiate athletic programs grow, it is important to understand all revenue generation areas, which include luxury suites. However, while suite finances are readily available on American professional sports, the opposite appears true for collegiate sports. As the first empirical investigation on the pricing of college suites, this study aimed to contribute to the limited literature on luxury suites and help better understand the luxury suite market. Multiple regression analyses were used to develop two significant models that estimated...Read more

  • Hyun-Woo Lee
    Christina Gipson
    and Chris Barnhill

    The purpose of this study was to determine the impact that flow and team identification have on spectators’ perceptions of stadium atmosphere. Data were collected from students attending men’s basketball and baseball games at a large NCAA Division I university. The results indicated that stadium flow is directly related to spectators’ perceptions of the stadium atmosphere. Team identification was found to influence flow and also have a moderating effect in the model with stadium flow having a greater impact on lower-identified spectators than on highly identified fans.Read more

  • Nels Popp
    Jason Simmons
    and Chad D. McEvoy

    Ticket sales are the lifeblood of nearly every sport organization. Not only do ticket sales generate revenue, outbound sales programs charged with selling tickets aid sport organizations in the development of customer relationships and distribution of marketing materials and messages. Despite the importance of sales in sport, minimal scholarly research has been conducted within sport management literature to determine the effect of sales training on sales performance, as well as perceptions of sales training effectiveness by employees. The current study addresses this gap. Data collected...Read more

  • Seungbum Lee
    Eric Brownlee
    Yongjae Kim
    and Soonhwan Lee

    Outsourcing ticket sales operations to the service provider is becoming popular in intercollegiate sport in the US. While much has been reported about ticket sales outsourcing, there is a major lack of understanding in the literature as to how the service provider’s performance is measured by the athletic department. To fill important gaps in the sport marketing literature, this study employed the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) and Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) combined model using one NCAA Division I athletic department to understand performance measure metrics. The result of the AHP showed...Read more

  • Todd C. Koesters
    Matthew T. Brown
    and Mark S. Nagel

    The intersection of sports and politics is not new. Championship winning teams in the United States have been taking pictures with the President at the White House since Calvin Coolidge hosted the Washington Senators following their World Series championship win in 1924 (Neumann, 2016). Famous athletes have voiced their support for presidential candidates, and presidential candidates have discussed the importance of reaching particular voting demographics like the “NASCAR dad” or the “soccer mom” (Drehs, 2004). Politicians have thrown out first pitches, flipped coins before games, and even...Read more