Intercollegiate Football and Luxury Suites: An Investigation of Factors Related to Price

Kurt C. Mayer
Alan L. Morse
and Timothy DeSchriver

As financial and sustainability pressures placed upon collegiate athletic programs grow, it is important to understand all revenue generation areas, which include luxury suites. However, while suite finances are readily available on American professional sports, the opposite appears true for collegiate sports. As the first empirical investigation on the pricing of college suites, this study aimed to contribute to the limited literature on luxury suites and help better understand the luxury suite market. Multiple regression analyses were used to develop two significant models that estimated collegiate football luxury suite price using 16 explanatory variables. The results explained between 65% and 68% of the variation in suite price, highlighted the uniqueness of the college football suite market, and indicated that Conference Affiliation, Suite Capacity, County Income, Tickets Included, College Basketball Competition, and Winning Percentage were positively related to suite price, while County Population had a significant negative impact.